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About Us

We’re a mother-daughter team that loves Jesus, family, health and bringing order to chaos.  Our hope is that as we write about how we do life, we can help you to simplify, add fulfillment and stability to your life.

All of our recipes are kid tested and approved, sugar free, gluten free, low carb, high fat and keto friendly.




 I’m “Wife” to Bob, “Mom” to my kids and their spouses – two daughters, Kristin and Andi, and two sons, Tom and Parker.  I’m “Nonni” to four grandchildren in New York City, three in Seattle and two in Australia.

I love God, life, Bob (my hubby), being a Director of Family and Pastoral Care at Liberty Church in NYC, spending time with my family and friends, being a doula to beautiful new moms, dads and babies, coffee, chocolate, bacon, horses, taking photos, fresh flowers – especially Stargazer Lilies and Hydrangeas, creating drawings and paintings, watching sunrises and sunsets on the beach, and sitting by a warm fire or the air conditioner depending on the time of year!  

I see myself as a dreamer, visionary and freedom fighter.  I love seeing and drawing out the best in people.  I want to see people set free, especially from guilt and shame.  I highly value family, community and unity – seeing people’s strengths and helping them find their place in the group or family.  






I’m a wife, mom, project manager, sister, friend, health nut, information junkie, chocoholic, obsessive organizer, who wants to have a happy, fun, stable, healthy family that makes a difference in our world.

I met my wonderful husband, Justin, at the University of Washington in Seattle, while we were studying Mechanical Engineering.  We walked together at graduation to get our diplomas and one week later I walked down the aisle and married my best friend. We still live in the greater Seattle area, and love serving our community as members of our local church, Christian Faith Center.  We have three amazing kids, two boys, Gavin and Dylan, and one little princess, Lauren.

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